Wednesday November 11, 2015: A Date To Be Mindful Of?

The date of November 11th had been mentioned on two separate occasions in Meher Baba’s pronouncements dating back to 1939 with the onset of World War Two. One wonders whether this date is relevant to modern times and consequently could be regarded as a date of significance. This year, there is a major powerful astrological alignment on November 11th. So what exactly did Baba say?

Referring to the war that was raging in Europe at the time, Baba commented:

“From November 11th, for six months, there will be chaos among my followers, with lots of ups and downs, illnesses and doubts, even amongst the staunchest of them. I have had to get myself bound by time to free those who are bound by time. I myself will have to do something to create opposition.” LM page 2463

Three weeks later Baba made another comment regarding this date, “The real war has started from November 11th.” LM page 2468

In the relatively obscure book (now out of print), published in 1957, written by an English woman bearing the title ‘In Quest Of Truth or How I Came To Meher Baba’, the author Irene Coneybeare explains the circumstances in which after a brief stay at Meherabad in 1941, Baba instructed her to travel to the U.S. under His guidance and for His ‘work’. It was there while in America that she describes a curious experience she had:

“Before concluding this chapter let me mention one remarkable incident. It was in October 1941 in New York, that I woke up one morning with a voice speaking in my ear. It said ‘Remember, when you wake up, that Baba will speak on November 11th!’ …….. I was however not told what year. I can give no explanation for this, except that I heard later on that the number eleven plays an important part in numerology and is said to be a master number. It was the same voice that startled me in 1934, when it said ‘This is not reality!’

“It is worth remembering that interesting fact, namely that the First World War ended in England on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year.”

If one could put this in perspective, I find the reference to the “six month period” beginning November 11th to be a fascinating one, for Baba has outlined in another message given out in Feb 1941 that He will speak “….the divine word to myself and in myself, the word of the will of God that will begin the resurrection of the dead world and start the general adjustment of the world; and this speaking-to-myself operation will continue until …. , the day that I will publicly and universally speak, the day that my world manifestation will come to full expression, the day that the six months self-speaking operation will bring out the subsequent unfoldment of the spiritual revival and the day that the disciples of my circle will realize the Truth.”

I have reason to suspect that the six month gestation period Baba is referring to, may be related to what was outlined in the Borup messages. For those in the Baba community unfamiliar with this material, it has been recorded that a gentleman from Denmark who had Baba’s darshan in 1966 sent a manuscript of ‘channeled messages’ to A C Chari in Calcutta. These messages found its way into a pamphlet devoted to Baba called 61 Question and Answers. These messages were then brought to Baba’s attention (summer of 1968). A few of the mandali were concerned that the apparent dilution of Baba’s messages would start a precedent. In spite of the inherent controversy, Baba gave his assent in allowing these messages go through as printed and gave His love and blessings to the publisher.

Essentially what was expressed in these ‘channeled messages’ was that during the height of a nuclear war sometime in the near or distant future (a war to begin in the Far East), a dramatic rotation of the earths axis would occur and simultaneously a massive evacuation of a portion of the earths population into large spacecrafts would take place. This event it is said would be accompanied by an inundation of divine love. The ‘adjustment period’ outside the earths atmosphere would last for six months. The return to earth after the earth was renewed would mark the pinnacle of “Christ’s” return. Kendra Crossen had faithfully reproduced the entire text as it appeared in the 61 Question & Answers pamphlet in her blog Meher Baba Manifesting. Here is the URL link…..

I posted an entry on this upcoming period in an astrological blog that might be of interest to some in the Baba community. If there isn’t an interest in geo-political affairs or astrology, the reader can simply scroll down to the bottom section that reads ‘”The 11:11 Phenomenon”

One thing is certain, Baba made it clear that world events and the ensuing difficulties we are to face are pivotal and dependent on His manifestation. They go hand in hand. Suffering is essential to ones spiritual growth and development.

“Be composed in the reality of my love, for all confusion and despair is your own shadow which will vanish when I speak the Word”. – Meher Baba


The following is an astrological/ political study of current events. In tandem with possible dramatic events being played out on the world scene in mid November there also exists the potential for enormous spiritual growth. I feel an extraordinary opportunity is presenting itself, an uplifting, spiritual renaissance if you will; astrologically and otherwise, which I have sufficiently addressed towards the end of this post. War isn’t the only factor involved.

Current rising US-China tensions over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea which now threatens to spill over into dangerous armed conflict, interestingly enough had been obliquely mentioned some 60 years ago by the well known American seer Jean Dixon, the same woman who accurately predicted the assassination of President John F Kennedy. She foresaw World War Three suddenly erupting, triggered by events centered around a dispute in the South China Sea.

Another more contemporary seer; James Bailey sees dramatic events developing in the South China sea before the end of this year, with unexpected, sudden military conflict flaring up between China and the US, the consequences of which would trigger a world wide economic collapse……

Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015

On 7/7/14 I had a prophetic dream in which I saw a sudden economic collapse coming upon the whole world……


War with China Could Be Coming Soon

The United States could soon be at war with China. In my previous post, U.S. Naval Battles Are Coming, I shared how the Lord has been showing me United States battleships at war. I was not shown where the conflict would be, but I suggested it could be against China based on current events in the South China Sea and recent threats from them stating that war with the United States is imminent.


The ongoing five year US-China dispute mentioned above revolves around China’s aggressive, illegal claim over the Spratly islands in the South China Sea. It can best be summed up by the following news articles….

China Predicts War With US Over Spratly Islands

Your News Wire

May 28, 2015

The disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Seas could cause a war between China and The United States.

A Chinese state owned newspaper warns of a conflict with the US, unless Washington stops demanding that China halts land reclamation and construction projects in the South China Sea.

The Global Times says ‘War is inevitable’ unless the US backs down on Chinese land reclamation and the consequent rights to territorial boundaries of such man made islands. The islands that are man-made are in disputed waters of several regional nations. Some of these nations have close ties with the United States. The US maintains that it is also maintaining the free passage of the waters of the South China Sea for all shipping. China maintains that she has historical claims on the Spratly islands.

The creation of the artificial islands from a patch of rock or land in the middle of the high seas, and the follow-up construction and the territorial claims over water, land and air, is a new phenomenon that is a game changer. China wants the United States to accept her as an equal, if not a stronger player on the world scene, and she is changing the rules of the game.


And more recently…..

China and US clash over ownership of tiny islands

FEARS World War Three is on its way are growing after US and China clashed over disputed islands in Asia.

The US Navy sailed Lassen guided-missile destroyers within 12 nautical miles of the artificial Spratly Islands built by Beijing in the South China Sea on Tuesday.And US is planning to send more warships in the coming weeks. But the move has angered China, which branded it a threat to its sovereignty. US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said: “We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits and whenever our operational needs require. “I would expect that this becomes a regular operation in the South China Sea.“This type of operation shouldn’t be seen as provocative.” The row has erupted over a dispute about ownership of Spratly Islands, which are important for economic and strategic reasons.



There were two eclipses in September. The first one; a solar eclipse, occurred on September 13th (20 Virgo) activating the US natal Neptune-Mars square (21 Gemini – 22 Virgo) and the US/China composite Uranus, which suggests confusion (Neptune) over US policies (Virgo) that could suddenly (Uranus) erupt into war (Mars). In fact this did happen when the US   naval destroyer approached within 12 nautical miles of the disputed Subi Reef island on October 27th, which enraged China and rattled nerves within the international community. This was  the exact day that Mars formed a conjunction to the September 13th solar eclipse.

More ominously, the upcoming November 11th New Moon (19 Scorpio) conjoins the Chinese Stock Market natal Pluto (Shanghai December 19, 1990), China’s natal Venus at its mid-heaven (a nations wealth and physical security) forming a hard 135 degree angle (sesqui-quadrate) to natal Uranus and the US natal Venus/Jupiter midpoint (4 Cancer). The New Moon also forms an opposition to the US Chiron (the most vulnerable position of a nations chart – called “the wound that never heals”) at 19 Taurus and equally as important, triggers the September 27th lunar eclipse (4 Aries) by sesqui-quadrate.. There is also a remarkable yod (finger of God) aspect at play here with tr. Jupiter (18 Virgo) in sextile to the New Moon (19 Scorpio) both in quincuncx to tr. Uranus (17 Aries) at the release point suggesting a breakthrough on inner levels. In  addition, we have North Node conjunct Mars at 29 Virgo-0 Libra (the world point) within one degree of the US midheaven and in semi-square to China’s natal Mars (14 Leo) which could also indicate war

Here in India, auspiciously enough, the November 11th New Moon coincides with Diwali, the five-day Hindu festival of lights, which celebrates new beginnings, the emergence of light from darkness and the triumph of good over evil.

November 11th, as numerologically expressed in the numbers 11:11 is quite fascinating all by itself.  An excerpt from the 11:11 Dimension website can be read here:

The 11:11 Phenomenon

What does does 11:11 mean? What is the significance of seeing repeating number patterns such as 11 11?

Here you can explore articles, information and videos about the mysterious 11:11 phenomenon and synchronicities involving the number Eleven.

There are many people who feel that there is nothing special or out of the ordinary about seeing the time 11:11 on a digital clock or watch. But for others, seeing these numbers frequently showing up in their lives gives them a peculiar or surreal feeling and it often becomes a meaningful experience to them.

Many people experience the 11:11 jumping out at them several times a day for weeks at a time and even on clocks that are set to different times. The individual is never expecting to see these particular numbers when they look and there is no denying the strange feelings and sensations that one often experiences when seeing the 11:11 or other frequently repeating number sequences at the most unusual and unexpected moments.

Most people who are having the 11:11 synchronicity are surprised to discover that thousands of other people from all over the world are experiencing the exact same phenomenon. There are many theories as to the meaning of the 11:11 experience but it is also a very person experience and it means something different for everyone. No matter what the meaning or cause of the 11:11 phenomenon there is definitely some similarities that can be found among the individuals who are seeing it in such a synchronistic and meaningful way.

The Eleven Eleven phenomenon happens more frequently when one is on a spiritual path of self discovery. Many people are beginning to awaken to their own higher selves and to the true nature of reality. The 11:11 experience is a synchronicity that occurs when one begins to become more conscious of the connection between the physical world outside of them and the spiritual world within them. Every 11:11 experience is unique for everyone and it may mean something different or personal to each person experiencing it. But the various meanings, feelings, thoughts and the very significance of the experiences themselves tend to be very similar and intuitive.

The number 11 is a very powerful number by itself. In numerology the number 11 is a master number and represents inspiration, illumination, and spiritual enlightenment. There are also some strange synchronicities involving the number eleven that are connected to some major historical events.

The Magic of 11:11/ An inspiring 8 minute video……


Quite astonishingly, just as I entered the finishing touches on this post and pressed the UPDATE key, I immediately received two quick missed calls on my cell phone. Both registered at 11:11 am. The experience left me totally speechless. I took it as a kind of confirmation of what was just shared here.