January 1st, 2023/ A New Year – A New Beginnning?

This is a re-introduction to a subject that may be familiar to some; based on an unusual incident in the life of one of Baba’s close ones; Dr. Hoshang Barucha. Speculation has it, that the incident described here, having occurred some 60 years ago under the watchful eye and instructions of Beloved Baba, could very well have relevance to current unfolding events. The enclosed article was originally written in November 2002 and submitted to the Love Street Lamp Post for publication. Click on the following URL link below (IMPORTANT: once you are on the web page, simply tap your cursor anywhere on the graphics to enlarge the text)……..

A Narrative by Dr Hoshang Barucha



“The time for the world’s crowds to come to me will be when I break my silence and manifest my divinity… After I break my silence and manifest as the Avatar of the Age, there will be no need for darshan program arrangements, as all will then know and feel me within.”

In November 1968 Baba said “The days of my manifestation are nearing fast, and only to Mehera have I mentioned the time of the breaking of my silence”

Mehera commented: “When I asked Baba about it, he smiled and put if off, saying later he would break his slilence, but not now. I never asked again. He changed the subject. He didn’t give the month or year – only that when his work finishes, he would talk. He also made a sign for J, for what, we don’t know – whether January, June or July?”

One day, Mehera asked Baba, “When will all the things happen that you talk about, things like your manifestation?” Baba is already older now, she reasoned, so when will these things take place?” – Baba held up his hand to indicate, “Patience.” And he repeated his earlier explanation, when Mehera had asked about the New Humanity: “When you plant a seed, first you prepare a seed, first you prepare the bed and then water it. Then you wait for it to grow. It takes time and work. I have done all that. The plant grows and bears fruit. In the same way, things cannot change all of a sudden. Even a child you put in school does not know mathematics immediately. He learns very gradually. So everything has its time. What has to be done. I have done. Everything will take place.” Said Mehera: ” How much Baba has done, we do not know. Baba’s work only Baba knows. That is why many come to Baba. It is the miracle of his love.” – Mehera Meher Volume 3 page 458

In February of 1941 Baba issued a circular stating at a certain date He would break His silence internally and that it would reach culmination after 6 months……

I will speak on the 1st of August 1941 the Divine Word to myself and in myself, the word of the will of God that will begin the resurrection of the dead world and start the general adjustment of the world.

This speaking-to-myself operation will continue until the 15th of February 1942, the day that I will publicly and universally speak, the day that my world manifestation will come to full expression, the day that the six months self-speaking operation will bring out the unfoldment of the spiritual revival, and the day that the disciples of my circle will realize the Truth.

On numerous occasions Baba referred to this 6 month gestation period as being an essential part of His manifestation. From Dr Donkin’s diary…


“Baba said yesterday that from November 11th for 6 months there would be chaos among his followers, with lots of ups and downs, illnesses, and doubts even among his staunchest followers. He says he then has
got to be bound by time to free those who are bound by time. He says he will have to do something to create opposition.”

Baba mentions this 6 month phase when He gave out His Final Declaration in 1954, then again in 1955 and 1958.

For those interested in the astrological aspects for the beginning of the new year and why this particular period marks a major milestone for the US and the world at large, I offer the following observation…..

January 1st 2023 is remarkable in many respects. There is an exact Venus/Pluto conjunction at 27 Capricorn precisely on the US Pluto. It is the last in the series of the widely watched US Pluto returns that occurs every 248 years. This could be totally transformative for the US and the world in general. Transiting Saturn (the planet that brings things into sharp focus and manifestation) at 22 Aquarius conjoins Meher Baba’s natal Venus (divine love?). They are at the same degree. There are some hopeful signs there.





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