January 1st, 2020/ A New Year – A New Beginning?

UPDATED (Sorry for the confusion. In my rush to get this out I failed to mention that this article was originally posted in mid December of last year, but was revised as of yesterday – March 16th to reflect current events).


It’s beginning to dawn on many that something dramatic is afoot with world stock markets plummeting and normal life as we know it – slowly, methodically grinding to a halt. Experts weighing in on the raging COVID-19 pandemic are not re-assuring, estimating a vaccine cure will most likely be achieved within 12 to 18 months.

Baba, on numerous occasions indicated that the beginning of His manifestation would have a gestation period of six months leading up to the outward breaking of His silence…….

“I will speak on the 1st of August 1941 the Divine Word to myself and in myself, the word of the will of God that will begin the resurrection of the dead world and start the general adjustment of the world.

This speaking-to-myself operation will continue until the 15th of February 1942, the day that I will publicly and universally speak, the day that my world manifestation will come to full expression, the day that the six months self-speaking operation will bring out the unfoldment of the spiritual revival, and the day that the disciples of my circle will realize the Truth.”

The Corona Virus epidemic was first reported to the WHO org. on December 31, 2019. The World Health Organ. in their official record writes: “…From 31 December 2019 through 3 January 2020, a total of 44 case-patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology were reported to WHO by the national authorities in China. During this reported period, the causal agent was not identified.”. That date corresponds remarkably close to the January 1st date indirectly hinted at by Baba. Read the following enclosure posted below for details………

This is a re-introduction to a subject that may be familiar to some; based on an incident in the life of one of Baba’s close ones; Dr. Hoshang Barucha. The enclosed article was originally written in November 2002 and submitted to the Love Street Lamp Post for publication. Click on the following URL link below (IMPORTANT: once you are on the web page, simply tap your cursor anywhere on the graphics to enlarge the text)…….. http://tinyurl.com/nt59ofg

For those interested in the astrological components, I offer the following observations…..

The Corona Virus event came on the heels of a series of powerful astrological aspects comprising of a pair of intense eclipses (Dec 26th 2019 and Jan 10th, 2020) and Jan 12, 2020; the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (this Sat/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn hasn’t occurred in 500 years). A number of astrologers for the past several years have been anticipating a major downturn in the economy and troubles within the US administration from mid to late March 2020 especially when transiting Mars activates the aspects mentioned above. It starts in earnest with the March 20th Mars/Jupiter conjunction. That is rapidly followed by the March 24th Mars/Pluto conjunction. Events are expected to peak in early April that could conceivably precipitate massive upheavals with the March 31st Mars/Saturn conjunction and the April 5th Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. Those events might very well correlate to the messages that appear in the appendix of the 61 Questions And Answers on Meher Baba – 1968 pamphlet (beginning page 29 – the messages had received Baba’s approval). Here’s the PDF file: https://issuu.com/parvardigar/docs/61_questions

Further statements from Baba regarding the six month gestation period can be read here:

In 1939,  the beginning of World War 2….

On 27 October 1939, Baba revealed, “From November 11th, for six months, there will be chaos among my followers, with lots of ups and downs, illnesses and doubts, even amongst the staunchest of them.


At the start of the Fiery Free Life in 1953….

“My Fiery Life, which begins from November 15 and ends at the end of April (1953), is based on this love by which the lover is lost in the Beloved, after being consumed in the fire of divine love.

Now listen very carefully.

Don then read the following lines about Baba’s Fiery Life:

My Fiery Life begins on November 15, 1952. In April 1953, the climax of the internal working of that Life will be reached, and external demonstration of its entire internal working will be made manifest. In the same month also, the final and real result of the Fiery Life will, by God’s grace, be known to the world.”


The Final Declaration in 1954….

“….In October at Satara, I shall be appearing to lead a retired, normal life, eating, drinking, taking walks and so on. But there will be no use of the board and other things from October 7, as I have told you. By the end of April 1955, I will definitely drop this body. During the six months, November to April, three phases of the Avatar-life will manifest themselves. First, a very strange and serious disease will attack this body, which will be because of my humiliation that I have been speaking about. Secondly, the humiliation will end in the sudden breaking of my silence, and my uttering that Word which only God can utter. Thirdly, glorification will replace humiliation. All the pent-up Infinity in me will splash and spread over the universe!”


A special meeting held in Sept 1957 referring to the “Dark Cloud”….

“…And that, above all else, you should obey me when I stand face-to-face with the dark cloud.

For six months, you take care of what I say to you, and after that, I shall take care of you. I say again, do not leave me and live to repent later, when there will be no remedy for your loss. For six months, do not give up obeying me at any cost — come what may — remember me and do as I say. Make all other thoughts subordinate to your resolve to please me with all your heart.


And once again a warning of the Dark Cloud in 1960….

“….I want you to live in agreement and to maintain cordial relations with all, especially during these six months of my seclusion which will test to the utmost your forbearance, thus making you aware of the extent of your love for me.

I want you to know that I will definitely break my silence, and I want you to cling to my daaman until the very end, irrespective of whether I speak or not. I am the Highest of the High and want you to love me not for any spiritual or material gain, nor for the impending breaking of my silence and my manifestation, but I want you to love me for myself as being God in human form.

I want you to remain undisturbed and unshaken by the force of life’s currents, for whatever the circumstances they too will be of my own creation.

I want you to remain absorbed as much as possible in thinking of me during my seclusion of six months, when circumstances will be so created during this period that they will try to drift you away from me. This is the reason why I have repeatedly stressed while at Guruprasad that the time has come when I want you all to cling to my daaman with both hands — in case the grip of one hand is lost, your other hand will serve in good stead.”


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